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Big Data Services

Big Data has become the reality of doing business for organizations today. There is a boom in the amount of structured as well as raw data that floods every organization daily. If this data is managed well, it can lead to powerful insights and quality decision making.

BizAcuity can help you take the right steps with the data with our Big Data Services.

Bizacuity’s Big Data services will help you to come up with appropriate architecture and roadmap. Our team of skilled professionals has a vast knowledge in Big Data architecture design and implementation across many platforms.


Our architecture advisory services will provide you with the required direction in determining which technologies in the Big Data stack will work best for your requirements. This includes defining the architecture, analyze and propose the required enabling technologies that are pertinent to the business requirements.

We help you achieve your business goals by building a strategic implementation roadmap and also assist in the selection of Big Data vendors that will best address your needs. Our experts will work with your team to provide advice to help ensure success with your Big Data initiative.

Some of the key activities we undertake in this phase are as follows:

  • Review issues and understand business objectives with data sourcing, integration, and reporting
  • Recommendation of Hadoop architectural components (HDFS, Hive, Pig, Hbase, Sqoop, Flume etc.) mapped to the business objectives.
  • Define the approach for Big Data technology integration with legacy systems
  • Recommendations for ETL, data extraction, and data retrieval while considering use of MapReduce
  • Review data storage and schema


Big Data Deployment

Big Data has created an era of opportunities to find new insights and be able to facilitate organizations to become more agile and come up with ways to innovate. We can help you to implement Big Data solution which will transform your business performance by uncovering powerful predictive insights.

With the rise of Hadoop clusters and its availability through the cloud, the challenge lies in proficiently integrating Big Data and Hadoop into your IT framework. Our team of skilled data scientists, architects and engineers has the requisite blend of experience and expertise to deploy your advanced Big Data analytics with the Hadoop platform and help unlock the power of Big Data.

We offer a variety of implementation services that best suits your business, such as:

  • Review of existing infrastructure including hardware, software and data flows
  • Design pilot system using appropriate Big Data technologies
  • Installation and configuration of Big Data platform
  • Optimize and tune Hadoop layer for enterprise use
  • Develop and deploy reliable and scalable enterprise-grade production-ready Hadoop solutions
  • Drive operational excellence and establish change across enterprise functions