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Why BIG casinos should have all the fun? Analytics

Casinos & sports betting companies of all sizes are leveraging gaming analytics to improve player experience, better decision making and profitability.

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Casinos are hitting the jackpot

Casinos using our platform have significantly improved their productivity and ROI numbers.

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Betfred using gaming analytics

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Developed by team with vast experience in gaming and analytics industry

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Solving problems for Casino/Sports betting companies

Gaming Analytics Accelerator helps casinos and sports betting companies deal with data overload, redundant tasks, low marketing ROI and fraud gamers

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low cost gaming analytics system

Existing analytics software are too costly?

Through BizAcuity’s Gaming Analytics Accelerator, gaming companies can have access to high end analytics software solution at affordable prices

gaming analytics improve casino roi

Declining marketing ROI?

The tool predicts lifecycle stage like new, inactive, declining, churned and focus, which help marketing team to take data-driven decisions.

gaming analytics used to automate casino process

Never-ending operational process?

Through automation, the tool tries to make routine analysis process as efficient as possible saving several man hours which can be deployed for some other work

gaming analytics identifies suspicious players

Frustrated with gaming fraud?

Identifies gamers with suspicious behavior & take preventive steps beforehand

gaming analytics selects important information from large casino data

Tired of analysis paralysis?

Helps in defining and refining new KPIs through sophisticated data mining techniques

gaming analytics selects important information from large casino data

Too much data, too little time?

Gaming analytic accelerator can be used by any business user to extract player level insights from their data.

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Delivering the right value!!!

Gaming Analytics Accelerator helps in quick decision making, simplify complex data, reduce player churn rate, minimize gaming frauds and many more . . .

gaming analytics provides customer insights

Maximize player lifetime value

Identifies player behavior and provides insights to effectively engage players in order to maximise revenue potential.

gaming analytics identifies important kpi

Identify important KPIs

From the vast pool of data, the AI tool identifies the important KPIs and helps improve the bottomline.

gaming analytics reduce churn rate of casino companies

Reduce churn rate

Identifies disengaged players and helps optimize player retention with high level of accuracy

gaming analytics identifies players with suspicious behavior

Fraud Prediction

Identifies suspicious behavior and notifies the team to avoid any kind of losses

The Gaming Analytics System

Using artificial intelligence to solve gaming companies’ problems

Casino Analytics

Casino analytics tool analyzes business and players data for better monetization techniques. With the rise in gaming industry, there has been cut-throat competition between the companies.

In order to have edge over industry peers, Incorporating advanced AI driven models is need of the hour.

AI in Casino Analytics

Gone are the days where simple data like daily active user (DAU) or monthly active users (MAU) were sufficient to run effective gaming business.

Today in order to survive in business you need insight with accurate predictive capability. With the use of AI in gaming, companies are empowered to make better business decisions with improvement in better gaming experience.

Impact of AI in business

According to a research, companies that proactively adopt AI related technologies are likely to observe EBIT growth of 10% or more. AI module helps in removing redundant operations and let’s you identify important data points that impact your business bottomline.

The right gaming analytics partner

The main things to look for while choosing your gaming analytics platform are:

  • Data points on Player lifecycle and user journey
  • Player analytics for profiling, segmentation, and retargeting
  • End to end security features for a safer player experience
  • Ability to monitor usage patterns for multiple user segments for churn and retention metrics
  • 24*7 customer support

Trends in global casino analytics

The interest is online chance games has only increased because of Covid-19. BBC reported an increase in online games due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Globe newswire reported increase of 255% in the worldwide downloads of online betting apps in 2020. This encouraged online casinos and betting platforms to take advantage of the wave. They have leveraged artificial intelligence and analytical algorithms to maximize ROI, reduce churn rates, and increase player lifetime value.

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