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For the companies that are into i-Gaming, there are certain areas where they have to keep a watch from the business perspective. i-Gaming companies often use social media channels for the promotion of their games and spread the popularity about that. Gaming companies need detailed and real time analytics about their customers, social media engagement, player analysis, player behavior which would give them a 360 degree view. This would give a timely and accurate insight which would help them improve every aspect of their business.

We are domain experts in iGaming and companies in this industry use our solutions to have specialized state of the art Business Intelligence suite developed and deployed in weeks. We lead our customers to use the BI application in the areas of:

  • Marketing – Campaign ROI, Competition Analysis, Churn Management, Player Retention, Player Up Sell & Cross Sell
  • Customer Analysis – Segmentation, Player Value, Player Behavior, Customer Spend Analysis
  • Game Insight  – Game Performance, Game Selection, Game Profitability Analysis
  • Game Player Analysis
  • Revenue Analysis
  • Social Media Analysis

BizAcuity develops custom advanced predictive analytics solutions in above areas for clients in gaming industry to drive their business in ever more profitable direction.