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How to Minimize Cost in Online Gaming using Data Integration

13:25 22 March in Blog

In today’s world of online gaming, there is growing need to minimize costs and maintain the data collected in a way that it facilitates its usage for multiple purposes. This is only possible when all the data sets collected from the players has been maintained in a database using Data Integration. A database improves data sharing across the organization, enhances data security, facilitates effective Data Integration, and increases in productivity of the end user.

To achieve this, we assisted one of our online gaming clients move from Oracle and a set of diverse data storage options to MS-SQL server. To successfully complete the data migration from Oracle to MS-SQL several codes were required which were done directly in MS-SQL Server and connection to Oracle Database was provided using ODI, with respect to the several flat files including .CSV and Excel shell scripting was required.

Data migration and integration are continuous processes that require multiple support functions. We provide expert round-the-clock business intelligence operations support enabling near real time data warehousing, involving continuous monitoring of the data extraction and loading processes, fixing failures, managing dependencies and/or escalating wherever required. We are able to accomplish this due to our in-depth understanding of  the gaming business, which stems from 40+ years of combined experience of our execution team.


Data Integration

The support encompasses 1st and 2nd line, and in a good number of cases 3rd line of support as well. By taking necessary actions when required, we became an extended part of the team and helped minimize dependencies on the lean and core architecture/SME teams, ensuring their focus on forward roadmap agenda.

We drove the data processes towards meeting the Service Level Agreements (SLAs). In cases where SLA breach is anticipated, we sent out relevant communications and took over the follow up engagement with all stakeholders.

A lean core team focused on solution without getting distracted by the day-to-day operations, data processes, business questions, etc. In cases of corporate mergers or migration from one business intelligence stack to another, the aforementioned support ensures the core business intelligence teams focus solely on migration.

In addition to monitoring the data extraction processes, we also addressed ad-hoc user data requests, answering user queries, data fixes, etc. On a need basis, we worked with analysts to productionize proof of concept code and make it production strength.

We are always flexible to customize our approach based on client requirements, which can change spontaneously depending on several factors. This also helps us achieve our goal towards building strong long-term relationships with our clients.

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