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Visual Analytics

Data Storytelling

Data storytelling helps organizations build a narrative around the set of data points they have collected. The narrative is accompanied with visualizations to help explain the data to a specific audience in a powerful and compelling fashion


Why Data Storytelling

Sometimes just showing results doesn’t help find credibility in the analytical approach taken to solve a business problem. In those cases, you need Data Storytelling. It weaves a narrative around your data in the form of a visualizations for a very specific audience

Organizations today need continuous intelligence to identify growth opportunities, streamline costs, enhance operational efficiencies and increase profitability. In the current business environment characterized by shrinking time to market, enhanced competition and a dynamic business and technology landscape, availability or non-availability of meaningful business intelligence can decide the success or failure of an enterprise.

BI Technologies Expertise:

  • Enterprise Applications like MicroStrategy, OBIEE, MS SSRS
  • Open Source tools like Pentaho, JasperSoft
  • Tableau, Qlikview and Power BI


DW/BI readiness assessment

Our DW/BI assessment examines the customer’s organization on the dimensions of business, IT, application, architecture and data.

Assessment of current DW/BI environments

We review the DW/BI environment with customer’s customers, business users, IT management, IT support staff and the DW/BI team. We review the current systems and, if appropriate, customer’s future plans.

DW/BI strategy and roadmap

Supported by the assessment service outcomes, our DW/BI professional consultants, along with domain experts, help our customers devise DW/BI strategy to meet their future requirements.

DW/BI tools evaluation

We leverage our industry expertise to provide an assessment or simply assist by providing an unbiased second opinion during phases where the customer is trying to choose from the vast array of tools and strategies so as to plan the BI, Data Warehouse Management or Data Integration technologies.

DW/BI solution modeling

After the initial assessment and strategy phases, our team of specialists offers the customer the Data Warehouse design.