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Data Management

Data Warehouse

The mammoth growth in the amount of raw, unstructured data that is floating around these days has posed more challenges to the businesses on how to manage it effectively. That is where BizAcuity’s Data Warehousing capabilities can help you solve the complexities in Data Management.


Data Lake

A data lake is a storage repository that holds a vast amount of raw data in its native format until it is needed. When a business question arises, the data lake can be queried for relevant data, and that smaller set of data can then be analysed to help answer the question. BizAcuity can help create an elaborate system of BI and Analytics infrastructure on data lake environment, for easy and quick decision making.

Data Management & Governance

With mounting challenges of managing the ever increasing data volume and formats in a consumer driven environment, Bizacuity helps its clients to solve the complexity of managing, governing and making the data available at the right time as per client needs.

These types of programs normally involve data quality software including data profiling, cleansing, and matching engines. They may begin with an enterprise focus, or efforts may be local to a department or a project.

We undertake the following key activities for a data governance program with prime focus on data quality:
  • Identify stakeholders, establish decision rights, and clarify accountability.
  • Set direction for data quality
  • Monitor and maintain data quality
  • Report status for quality-focused initiatives


DW/BI readiness assessment

Our DW/BI assessment examines the customer’s organization on the dimensions of business, IT, application and architecture and data.

Assessment of current DW/BI environments

We review the DW/BI environment with customer’s customers, business users, IT management, IT support staff and the DW/BI team. We review the current systems and, if appropriate, customer’s future plans.

DW/BI strategy and roadmap

Supported by the assessment service outcomes, our DW/BI professional consultants, along with domain experts, help our customers devise DW/BI strategy to meet their future requirements.

DW/BI tools evaluation

We leverage our industry expertise to provide an assessment or simply assist by providing an unbiased second opinion during phases where the customer is trying to choose from the vast array of tools and strategies so as to plan the BI, Data Warehouse Management or Data Integration technologies.

DW/BI solution modeling

After the initial assessment and strategy phases, our team of specialists offers the customer the Data Warehouse design.

Data Classification

Which BI data is deemed sensitive and what measures are required to protect it. There may be multiple levels of sensitivity and associated protection measures

User/Role Classification

What BI data users should be able to access based on their role or function in the organization

Entitlement standards

How BI applications are allowed to access data and perform specific functions

Data Transmission

Where encryption is required and what levels are needed for user access, file transfer, etc.

Data Storage

Where data is allowed to be stored, how data is backed-up, what data retention polices apply.