Automated Loan Processing System for a Neo-Bank

About Client

The client is a newly established and rapidly growing digital bank based in the United Kingdom catering to the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the country.


The current loan underwriting process was manual with the underwriting team manually verifying lot of risk related signals to evaluate the creditworthiness of the business customer.

This delayed the loan sanction process and affected their customer base who wanted their loans to be sanctioned quickly for immediate business needs. Such a process was also not scalable and a viable alternative was needed urgently. The bank recognized the need to automate the loan underwriting process credit analysis process to improve efficiency and scalability.

Our Solution

  • A particular type of business loan was selected to validate the minimum viable product (MVP) to automate credit underwriting decision-making
  • Multiple workshops and focused meetings with different stakeholders from the bank were conducted to understand the current processes and all the relevant data sources which are currently accessed manually. The criteria and underlying calculations used to approve or reject loans were understood.
  • The components, interfaces, and data flows to define the application architecture were identified
  • The automated decision engine was developed using Express web application framework based on its suitability to the client’s landscape. Open Banking and Open Accounting specific APIs were integrated with the frontend to fetch the required data points like credit score, financial statements, etc. This enabled an end-to-end automated decision-making journey for loan approvals, and referral for manual approval was factored in for exceptional cases.


The bank had a scalable solution to speed up the underwriting process, and eliminating a lot of manual steps. This in turn optimised the customer loan journey and increased customer satisfaction

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