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The client is an established digital bank based in the United Kingdom catering to the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the country.


In the contemporary data-driven landscape, effective decision-making relies on leveraging the potential of information. Enterprise reporting acts as the central hub, providing a comprehensive perspective that enables ongoing assessment and strategic planning. Through visualizations and insightful data presentations, complex information is translated into actionable insights, empowering stakeholders across all levels. This empowerment fuels informed decision-making, moving businesses forward amidst the constantly evolving dynamics of the modern world.

The client’s efforts to harness the full potential of data for business insights were hindered by notable challenges in their operations.  These challenges acted as a catalyst for a necessary and transformative intervention in our client’s enterprise reporting practices.


Our client depended on a third-party technology service provider for their data management and reporting. An agreement with the vendor was in place that restricted data access, reducing work transparency. This led to the following challenges to reporting. 

  • Lack of clarity in reports hindered informed decision-making and potentially impacted revenue streams.
  • Business operations were notably affected due to the considerable hours invested in manual reporting tasks.
  • Slow reporting pace and absence of a cohesive and unified structure in reports led to a lack of consistency, decreased productivity, and market opportunities.
  • Challenges in sharing, security, and data quality of reports as the business relied only on manual reporting using MS Excel. 


We conducted an in-depth analysis of the problem and devised the following solution: 

  • In the initial stage, the recommendation was made for a transition to an in-house data platform to improve performance, security, and cost efficiency.
  • With the client investing in AWS, Snowflake, and Power BI, a data warehouse that prioritized data availability, security, accuracy, and efficiency was established. 
  • Power BI was adopted as the primary reporting tool to enhance visualization and analytics capabilities. With this, the business was able to meet comprehensive charts and graphs as reports with dynamic data control, drill down, and so on.
  • Manual processes for creating daily pulse checks and financial health reports were replaced with automated workflows, saving significant time and resources.
  • Improvements were made to enhance the aesthetics and integrity of reports, ensuring a more cohesive and visually appealing display of data with intuitive and user- friendly navigation features.
  • The new reporting platform focused on transparency, user-friendliness, consistency and standardization, ensuring that the client could easily understand and trust the insights derived from the reports.
  • With these solutions in place, the generation and sharing of reports is now automated and streamlined, reducing manual intervention and minimizing the risk of errors.


  • Adopting Power BI as the reporting tool not only accelerated report delivery but also enhanced the aesthetics of reports, improving data analysis.
  • The automated report generation has accelerated dashboard creation by 90%, completing the process within 10 minutes and ensuring timely availability for business needs.
  • By leveraging automation, we achieved significant time savings, minimized data entry errors, and improved the overall efficiency of reports.

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