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The nature of risk the lending sector deals with is often multi-dimensional and ever-evolving which demands for future-proof systems and processes in place. Organizations have been constantly innovating with emerging technologies like machine learning for a variety of use cases.

With the entire world embracing the open-banking system, data is now the heart and soul of the financial services industry. Financial data also holds the key to understanding customer behavior and risk at a microscopic level. However, there are a million important attributes to be considered for analysis. Adopting an AI strategy has been wide-spread in the past couple of years and is now a must-have with how much the landscape has been evolving.

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With our extensive expertise in the financial services industry and driving innovation in the field of regulated markets, you get insights that drive impact across business functions.

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Identify and mitigate risk at every level. Analyze individual loans, delinquency rates, portfolio at risk, and customer risk scores using high-end risk scoring models designed to provide accurate and timely risk assessments that allow you to make informed decisions.

Enabling you to take corrective action before issues escalate. Detect and flag suspicious money laundering activity that typically get lost in the sea of transactions with our sophisticated algorithms. The AML solution helps you to focus your resources on high-risk transactions.

Streamline the KYC adherence and regulatory reporting processes. We help you automate the audit and reporting process, ensuring that you remain in compliance with regulatory standards, saving you time and resources. Generate reports quickly and easily, with no manual intervention required. Track and monitor compliance issues in real-time.

We specialize in providing customized solutions that meet your unique needs and challenges. Achieve operational excellence and improved profitability with predictive insights on staff planning, branch management, performance evaluation, and collection optimization among others.

Analyze cash usage, optimize branch cash management, and forecast cash needs accurately to improve cash flow and profitability. We help you track cash usage trends, identify patterns, and optimize cash inventory levels, reducing cash handling costs and improving cash availability Our cash forecasting solutions enable you to forecast cash needs accurately, allowing you to plan cash shipments and optimize cash management.

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Faster business expansion for a consumer finance lender after residual cash across branches were reduced by 20%

Optimizing the customer loan journey by speeding up the loan underwriting process for a UK-based SME Bank

Improving the customer service experience by optimizing the collection process for a payday loan company

Automated risk-profiling of customers leads to 47% increase in loanbook within a quarter for a Canada-based lending company

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