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The events industry thrives on inclusivity, virality and relationship building. With the advent of emerging technologies, it is now way easier to derive insights of the customers.

The global event technologies market is dominating and redefining how events are planned, managed and executed. Mobile applications, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, experience management systems, social media and digital platforms are helping event organizers study customer data and build a loyal following of repeat customers. The future belongs to the brands who are fast integrating such tools to enhance attendee experiences and provide immersive interactions in physical, virtual and hybrid formats.

Major players in this space are adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to better analyze data and drive personalized experiences, keeping the customers engaged before and after the event.

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Deep dive into customer journey insights and beyond, growth and retention analytics empowers marketers to better personalize offerings and optimize strategies for increasing customer satisfaction and the organization’s Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Achieve better inventory control and meet customer demands promptly for improving the quality of service delivered. Supply chain is always prone to risks and in the modern world, it is machine learning models that enable resilience. Enhance the overall supply chain efficiency of the organization with insights that ensure better demand planning processes, seamless operations and reduced operational costs.

Comprehensive workforce size and cost analysis for planning events across geographies that empowers businesses with optimal workforce allocation, seamless planning and smooth operations. By leveraging AI, businesses can optimize costs, boost overall productivity, plan ahead for upcoming projects and identify opportunities for process improvements.

Prepare, predict and plan. Prepare for the future, predict potential financial outcomes and plan effectively. By leveraging advanced forecasting techniques tailored to industry specific challenges and needs, businesses can navigate risk and uncertainties with confidence and strategically allocate resources for growth and development.

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A global brand improved their Net Promoter Score by mapping and visualizing the customer journey

7+ years of managing and optimizing a client’s cloud BI infrastructure

7+ years of managing and optimizing a client’s cloud BI infrastructure

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