Customer Journey Mapping using Tableau

About Client

The client is a global event management company based in Chicago with a strong presence in the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.


The client wanted to increase their customer retention.

In order to achieve this, they wanted a Customer Journey framework that identified any hidden insights in their customer data. Improving their services based on customer journey mapping would mean a significant reduction in the cost of new customer acquisition, as well as increasing their top and bottom line.

Our Solution

  • Databases such as sales data (CRM), customer feedback (Medallia) and GSS (for location data) were integrated and multiple entities (tables in warehouse) and columns in each table were identified for data modeling
  • The CRM database was based on manual entry, because of which the feedback was not stored in the desirable form. As a result, data cleansing was undertaken for the comments (customer feedback)
  • Coming up with the Data Warehouse Data Model Design: After various dimensions and fact tables were identified, a standard structure of summary tables was designed to incorporate the CRM and GSS data into a single warehouse. The data model was finalized and mapping was done accordingly.
  • The various mappings to load the data from the source, applying transformations and loading the data into the data warehouse was done using ETL methodology.
    Tableau reporting –
  • Displayed upcoming events for each user and employee, to distinguish them based on customer satisfaction
  • Derived latitude longitude coordinates for locations having address in improper format
  • Portrayed the Customer Journey on a map with curved lines indicating the transit, this was achieved using a set of trigonometric functions.
  • Displayed details of each customer along with the selected event/venue details. Also displayed the feedback scores and comments from customers for the selected event from the Journey.


  • A Set Of Dashboards & Analytical Reports Were Developed And Deployed To Facilitate Better Reporting Mechanisms For The Client. This Enabled Business Users
  • To Traverse Through The Data With Few Mouse Clicks.
  • A Single Point Of Truth Across The Business Using Modern Dashboards Enabled The Decision-Makers For Quick And Timely Decision Making.

Net Promoter Score increased by

0.5 points from 7.5 to 8.0

Increased customer satisfaction which resulted in increased customer retention.

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