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Data Management


The importance of proper Data Management Services cannot be overemphasized, especially in the 21st Century. Taking a modern approach to data analytics and enterprise data governance as well as having a solid data strategy is paramount to making the right business decisions. At BizAcuity, we offer professional data management consulting services to ensure that accurate and relevant information is available for making important fact-based decisions.

Our Data Management Services

With the exponential increase in the amount of raw and unstructured data floating everywhere, BizAcuity is committed to helping you manage your data properly.

We offer to solve the complexities involved in data management through the following services:

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Data Quality Management

We provide data quality assurance, data cleansing activities and advice recommendations on additional data sources

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Data Governance

We perform data governance strategy design for data quality, availability & security

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Master & Metadata Management

We develop master & metadata management strategies, perform both internal & external data source assessment, and provide standards for master & metadata quality monitoring

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Data Integration

With the help of data management software, we carry out the extract, transform, load (ETL) setup and testing. We also carry out ETL/ELT automation & data virtualization

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Data Warehousing

We design and implement data warehouses, as well as business intelligence and data analytics infrastructure design.

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Data Migration

Our group of professionals are also involved in migration of data covering data migration plans, automating migration and carrying out data completeness testing for cloud and on-premise data.

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Data Security

We perform data risk assessment, create, and implement security standards and generally improve data security

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How We Optimize Data Management

We solve your business problems via our data management process which includes:

Why You Should Reach Out To Us Today

Data is a very important part of an organization’s development as it helps to understand current opportunities and challenges as well as predict future opportunities. To this end, our data management services guarantee the following characteristics:

  • tick iconConsistency  No Data Contradiction
  • tick iconAccuracy  Reliable And Error Free Data
  • tick icon
    Auditability  Accessible And Traceable Data
  • tick icon
    Completeness  Sufficient Data For Answering Business Questions
  • tick icon
    Timeliness:   Data Represents Reality In A Timely Manner
  • tick iconUniqueness   Data Appears Only Once In A Database.
  • tick icon
    Orderliness   Data Has Required Format And Structure

How BizAcuity Can Help you

From security to budget overruns and skill gaps, we are aware of the problems faced by organizations when it comes to data management. Luckily, our team of data engineers and scientists can help you with the best data management services for your business.

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  • Innovative Ideas
  • Minimal Cost
  • Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Better Productivity
  • Deep Insights
  • Quick Decision Making

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