Corporate Social Responsibility


BizAcuity is a strong advocate and promoter of environmental protection and sustainable development. Being a data analytics firm, sustainability is strongly embedded in our culture and deeply rooted into our core values. We reflect the same on our CSR activities by focussing on and contributing towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) brought forth by the UN.

CSR Committee

The board of directors carries out the CSR activities as no separate CSR committee is required as per law.

CSR Policy

The CSR policy seeks to build a sustainable society for the future. This is being accomplished by empowering the underprivileged with basic amenities such as free healthcare services, clean drinking water, quality education, and sanitation among others, which helps to improve their standard of living. Social sustainability and climate action are the top priorities for the organization.

CSR Initiatives

BizAcuity and Goonj join hands to Support Assam Flood Relief

Goonj Foundation, one of the most well-recognized NGOs in India, has been galvanizing mass civic participation in issues like rural infrastructure, water scarcity, education, and disaster relief since 1999. Their initiatives created a barter between urban surplus and village communities’ labor, triggering large-scale rural development work.

Annual floods in northeastern states like Assam cause widespread destruction, with over 3 million people being forced from their homes due to rising water levels each year. Goonj has been initiating more than 500 rural development projects every month, and their work impacts millions of people from over 5000 villages in India.

BizAcuity joined hands with the Goonj Foundation led by Devna Jain, a 14-year student with an interest in social work, to conduct a week-long donation drive as a part of the Assam flood relief initiative. Our support and encouragement contributed to the vision of Goonj, aiming to build bridges of dignity between the cities and villages.

Towards feeding millions: BizAcuity collaborates with the Hare Krishna Movement by ISKCON

The Hare Krishna Movement is dedicated to a mission that aligns with the core humanitarian values of empathy and compassion. This global movement stands out as the largest provider of vegetarian meals, serving millions of individuals daily through initiatives spanning over 60 countries. During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, their outreach efforts garnered significant attention as they distributed free meals and essential groceries to those in need. The Akshayapathra initiative by the organization, known for “Feeding for Education,” ensures daily meals for 19,039 government and government-aided schools, with its primary goal being to create an India where no child gets deprived of education due to hunger.

Recognizing the importance of this cause, BizAcuity stepped in as a sponsor to support their noble endeavors. In collaboration with Devna Jain, a socially conscious 14-year-old, BizAcuity contributed to feeding the underprivileged for the Hare Krishna movement in Hyderabad.

This partnership highlights the profound significance of social service as a moral duty, emphasizing our collective commitment to creating a lasting and transformative impact on the lives of those in need.

Together We See: BizAcuity Boosts Education for the Visually Impaired

Amidst the global challenge of over 2.2 billion people grappling with near or distance vision impairments, “I and Eye Sharing Vision” emerges as a beacon of hope, especially with the support of BizAcuity.

Addressing the staggering fact that 1 billion of these cases could have been prevented, the collaboration focuses on crucial education for the visually impaired. Globally, only 36% with refractive error-induced vision impairment and 17% with cataract-induced vision impairment have received appropriate interventions.

BizAcuity’s contribution to “I and Eye Sharing Vision” significantly advances educational initiatives, working towards a future where the accessibility gap gets reduced and preventable vision impairments are proactively and comprehensively tackled.

For a Better Future: BizAcuity’s Commitment to Karta Initiative

Karta is a social movement in India dedicated to empowering bright students from underprivileged and marginalized communities. They aim to create a better future for young people, a significant part of the population. So far, Karta has worked with about 1,000 students of youth in 30 schools and has 55 scholars.

BizAcuity takes immense pride in its involvement with Karta for its future initiatives, which include scaling up activities supporting 400 scholars for the next five years. This transformative initiative extends support by granting access to top-tier facilities and opportunities, equipping these promising minds for a brighter future. Through our dedicated contributions, BizAcuity helps to provide thousands of young people with the essential knowledge, resources, and guidance to embark on their career journeys. Together, we build a brighter future.

LVPEI and BizAcuity Join Forces to Drive Innovation in Ophthalmology

In 2020, the World Health Organization reported that 1.1 billion people worldwide suffer from vision impairments and eye diseases, with 90% in low- and middle-income countries. LV Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI), ranked 8th globally in eye health by SCImago, took action to address this issue. LVPEI is renowned for pioneering eye care breakthroughs, especially in corneal transplantation, glaucoma diagnosis, and ocular genetics.

BizAcuity’s support empowered LVPEI to intensify its ophthalmology research efforts. LVPEI performed critical eye surgeries for 7- patients at no cost and conducted comprehensive eye exams for 5,151 individuals to prevent avoidable blindness. This initiative, in collaboration with BizAcuity, helped LVPEI make a positive impact on the eye care mission that all may see.

Making a Difference: BizAcuity’s Generous Contributions to PM Cares Fund

The COVID-19 pandemic created unpredictable challenges for millions around the globe. The PM Care Funds initiated by the Government of India envisions relief for the adversely affected. During the nationwide lockdown, we extended a helping hand to the Government of India to actively support the PM Cares fund. BizAcuity, through its generous monetary contributions,played a pivotal role in channeling support to the PM Cares fund, which proved instrumental in providing essential aid to millions of people affected by the pandemic. Our support contributed to alleviating food shortages, addressing oxygen and ventilator shortages, and ensuring relief for those in need. This enduring commitment to making a meaningful and positive impact during challenging times remains unwavering as we continue to serve and uplift our communities in the face of adversity. Together, we can.

Reviving Ganga: BizAcuity renders a helping hand

The Ganges River, an important freshwater source for millions in India’s Gangetic plains, faces severe pollution due to the lack of an effective waste management system and unregulated activities along its banks. As the Ganga meanders through 11 states, spanning over 2500 kilometers, it has suffered from decades of pollution caused by untreated sewage, industrial waste, and various other contaminants. BizAcuity’s support is dedicated to the Clean Ganga Fund, which is instrumental in the endeavor to cleanse the Ganga, India’s largest, but regrettably, one of the most polluted rivers. We firmly believe that our contributions will play a significant role in bringing about positive change for the people, the rich flora, and the diverse fauna that call the Ganga their home.