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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is basically any company’s sense of responsibility towards society’s welfare. It’s like the company is concerned about making money as well as for society’s welfare, means the marketing managers are not only interested in long term profits but also for social health. In other words we can say they are looking for most sustainable development of company.

This concept was introduced in 1970 by roman thinkers, scholars, executives and economists but the actual CSR scenario came into world’s knowledge in 1992 after Rio de Janeiro summit. The three main pillars of CSR are: – Economical progress, Social Justice and environmental protection (as defined in Rio de Janeiro summit). Business have opened their doors towards CSR, they are investing money and taking initiatives to constructing and co-coordinating various communicating programs for the society.

For social justice a company can organize training programs for locals, provide scholarships etc.

Mostly companies do it in a way of donating some percentage of their money. But it’s not about how the companies spend their money but it’s actually about how they earn money. We not only need the company’s officials but also we need integrity of employees at all levels, i.e. their involvement is must. In short, CSR is impact of company’s action on society. Companies concern for integration of social and environmental issues in their business operations and interactions with their stake holders.

Corporate social reponsibility
In the terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, BizAcuity has always been active. When our team looked into CSR issues we came across following issues:-

  • Donations – to wildlife, women empowerment, abandoned kids, Global warming crisis, Non Profit Organizations.
  • Lack of education and technology for students in rural areas.
  • Compliance with regulatory reporting
  • Lack of medical facilities in the backward regions.
  • Lack of healthy food or food habits.
  • Nonstop deforestation.
  • Increasing global warming day-by-day
  • Increasing environmental pollution.

In order to acquire “sustainable development” we decided to act towards these issues. We have already started our progressive activities towards our society and environment.


In this activity, each and every employee of our company will plant some number of plants and will be responsible for its healthy life. This activity will be performed in various areas of the city.


Under this plan, we are planning to get involved within some NGO activities. These activities involve: –

  • Teaching rural kids
  • Making people aware about recycling of objects and how can they recycle their things
  • Volunteering old-age homes
  • Donating money to needy people through various Non-profit Organizations