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BizAcuity is a strong advocate and promoter of environmental protection and sustainable development. Being a data analytics firm, sustainability is strongly embedded in our culture and deeply rooted into our core values. We reflect the same on our CSR activities by focussing on and contributing towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) brought forth by the UN.

CSR Committee

The board of directors carries out the CSR activities as no separate CSR committee is required as per law.

CSR Policy

The CSR policy seeks to build a sustainable society for the future. This is being accomplished by empowering the underprivileged with basic amenities such as free healthcare services, clean drinking water, quality education, and sanitation among others, which helps to improve their standard of living. Social sustainability and climate action are the top priorities for the organization.

In the terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, BizAcuity has always been active. When our team looked into CSR issues we came across following issues

  • Donations – to wildlife, women empowerment, abandoned kids, Global warming crisis, Non-Profit Organizations.

  • Lack of education and technology for students in rural areas.

  • Compliance with regulatory reporting requirements

  • Lack of medical facilities in the backward regions.

  • Lack of healthy food or food habits.

  • Nonstop deforestation.

  • Increasing global warming day-by-day

  • Increasing environmental pollution.

CSR Initiatives

Visionary Gurukul Alumni and I & EYE Sharing Vision

Education is one of the basic right of every citizen. BizAcuity always supports the Education & good Health of the needy people.
As part of our CSR activities for the FY 2021-22, BizAcuity has contributed towards the Education & Health of Visually impaired & underprivileged children which helps better their livelihood.

Goonj Foundation

BizAcuity joined hands with Goonj Foundation led by Devna Jain, a 14 year student with interest in social work to conduct a week-long donation drive as a part of the Assam flood relief initiative.
Annual floods in north eastern states like Assam cause widespread destruction with over 3 million people being forced from their homes due to rising water levels each year. Goonj Foundation, one of most well-recognized NGOs in India, has been galvanising mass civic participation in issues like rural infrastructure, water scarcity, education and disaster relief since 1999. Goonj has been initiating more than 500 rural development projects every month, their work impacts millions of people from over 5000 villages in India. We really appreciate our team’s contribution in helping us make a difference and understand our social responsibilities.

Clean Ganga Fund

The Clean Ganga Fund proceeds go towards cleaning India’s largest and unfortunately, one of the most polluted rivers, Ganga. The river Ganga flows through 11 states, covering over 2500 KMs. Over the past few decades, the same river has been polluted by untreated sewage, and industrial waste among other things. BizAcuity is confident that our little contribution will make a positive impact for the people, the flora and the fauna who call the river their home.

PM Cares Fund

The lockdown enforced due to the pandemic affected billions across the country. PM Cares fund was an initiative started by the Government of India for dealing with any kind of emergency or distress situation, posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and to provide relief to the affected. The fund was used to feed millions of people and to combat the oxygen shortage, and ventilator crisis. BizAcuity has helped with monetary contributions to support the intiative by our honourable PM Narendra Modi.