Improve the guest satisfaction by democratizing data across the property

There is always tremendous pressure on the marketing teams on their performance. And the marketing teams themselves have challenges over the lack of availability of data when they need it most.

Maybe it is time to move away from one IT team to cater to everyone’s needs to a solution that is more accessible. Where campaign performance can be monitored in real time or near real-time effectively and there is a higher degree of clarity for all stakeholders.

Casinos are constantly on the pursuit of identifying how they can keep their patrons engaged outside the property. Looking for ways to integrate the guest experience and have a unified view of their customers across properties. The recent trends show that casinos do not want to bet on loyalty programs alone. However, without strategic, detailed insights on the property and the tiers of players, these ideas remain a ‘plausible option’.

Increase operational efficiency of the casino

In the complex IT environment that casinos typically have, it is a common occurrence to feel lost under a mountain of analytics challenges ranging from data inconsistencies to poor integrations. A wealth of such insights are hidden when systems are not in perfect harmony with one another.

BizAcuity’s modern data analytics solutions and services are tailored to help casinos achieve their long-term vision with a steep ladder of short-term wins. Our services for casinos range from data strategy and management consulting to visual and predictive analytics that you can leverage to optimize your marketing spend.

Identify and mitigate risk at every level. Analyze individual loans, delinquency rates, portfolio at risk, and customer risk scores using high-end risk scoring models designed to provide accurate and timely risk assessments that allow you to make informed decisions.
Do not let weak IT and cloud integrations come in the way of your business operations scalability. Ensure data synchronization for high operational efficiency and better guest experience. Make informed decisions more quickly and accurately that lead to a higher player retention. Integrated view of dynamic business operations facilitate better revenue generating opportunities in the casino floor
Multiple revenue streams from gaming and non-gaming might hamper the systematic revenue calculations and predictions. Do not let manual efforts and limited analytics capabilities affect your goals. Streamline your revenue analytics to be more efficient to capture numbers and with a higher accuracy and build reliable forecasts than your casino management system.

Better engage with your patrons with Player Development Analytics

Track individual player journey, segment your players on the basis of LifeTime Value, identify high value inactive players, give more power and information to your hosts and power-up your marketing efforts with AI-powered insights.
Predict the players who are at a high probability of churn and take proactive measures to retain them
Personalize your marketing activities to patrons according to their LifeTime value and witness a staggering increase in wallet spend over time
Predict high-value patrons early in the process and give them reasons to frequent your casino more often

Identify players who are at risk of gaming addiction to take necessary steps beforehand and promote a safe gaming environment for your players

Predict the players who might be using your platform to launder money or finance terrorism and ensure that they take their wrong-doings elsewhere

Identify trends and take prompt decisions with

Explore data at different levels of granularity with advanced filtering and drill-down capabilities. Leverage BizAcuity’s expertise in building customized dashboards at the strategic, tactical and operational levels.
Get a holistic view of your business. Monitor your key business metrics in near real-time for better decision making
Improve the communication between teams across the floor. Adjust staffing based on activity and give your hosts valuable insights on their guests
Get a deeper understanding of patron behavior and better personalize marketing and guest retention efforts
Give your casino the competitive edge to carry out instant analysis and collaborate with teams on various marketing campaigns.

Winning customers with our insights

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AI for Land-based Casinos: What Works and What Doesn't

Track individual player journey, segment your players on the basis of LifeTime Value, identify high value inactive players, give more power and information to your hosts and power-up your marketing efforts with AI-powered insights.

How Casinos Use Big Data

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A tribal casino was able to view daily operations of both their properties through integrated reporting

A consulting engagement with an Australian casino to successfully implement an integrated data warehouse solution

A popular tribal casino in connecticut Migrated their ETL workflows from On-premise to Cloud within 20 weeks!

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