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About Client

A popular land-based casino property based in New South Wales, Australia


  • The client generates and stores data from multiple 3rd party solutions (Sales, Operations, Human Resources, Finance, Membership and Gaming)
  • Most of their financial and operational activities were being performed or recorded on spreadsheets
  • Their MIS provided information is at a broad level and not granular information which they hoped to change.
  • They wanted to build a business intelligence system along with an integrated reporting platform for more granularity, smoother operations and strategic decision making.


  • TIncreasing information availability by implementing a single source of truth across the organization
  • Eliminate manual reporting
  • Improve reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Better management and upkeep of data
  • Facilitate better collaboration between teams

Our Solution

  • BizAcuity undertook a 2 week long consulting engagement with the client
  • The process included understanding the client’s business processes, holding meetings with various stakeholders and organizing focused workshops with various teams
  • The client provided the necessary environment for the team to explore the current infrastructure and operations to identify gaps and opportunities
  • The team prepared detailed take-aways from each meeting to design and justify the data roadmap
  • A final report was presented highlighting all the requirements for successful deployment of a BI solution that is best suited to the needs of the client


  • Detailed roadmap to successfully implement an integrated data warehouse solution along with advanced reporting capabilities was presented to the client
  • The roadmap highlighted technical recommendations, challenges in implementation etc for the client when developing a BI solution

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