Advance on strategic agility
while we minimize your cloud burn

As enterprises face a huge increase in their data volumes and sources, collecting, processing, and analyzing data on the cloud can come at a heavy cost. Adding to this, the ever-evolving technology landscape demands that organizations adapt rapidly and cost-effectively to remain relevant.

By leveraging BizAcuity’s expertise in end-to-end cloud services, you can store, analyze, and project volumes of data into functional and technical outcomes while keeping costs to the minimum. Lift-and-shift data and related applications from on-premise to the cloud seamlessly. Optimize cloud resources and build a robust data infrastructure that remains agile and scales according to business needs.

Harness cloud to be the force multiplier of your digital agenda

Go beyond black-box tool deployments and deep dive into your cloud value stream backed by our service offerings. Drive continuous innovation and enhance customer experiences without being tied to a specific cloud platform or technology.

Cloud migration
Lift-and-shift data and data-related applications from on-premise infrastructures to the cloud or between clouds seamlessly. We can help your business drive operational excellence by leveraging the cloud’s capabilities for hyper-scalability, rapid deployment, uptime, and minimal maintenance.
Gain actionable insights from predictive and real-time data reports by leveraging our expertise in developing analytical workflows for microservices using AI/ML cutting-edge technology.
cloud big data ecosystem
Build, optimize, and deploy big data workloads to manage your ever-expanding data landscape and make it accessible to your applications on a real-time basis. We help you migrate your traditional database management systems (RDBMS) to the big data environment with minimal impact to the business.
Configure, monitor, and optimize complex environments in churning high-impact results across the deployment and delivery of applications and services. Improve visibility over the value chain, eliminate silos in management tools, and more.
Our integrated DevOps practice guarantees your business applications are enabled with rapid iterations focusing seamless, quick delivery. We leverage CI/CD tools and a strategized roadmap to help you automate and modernize legacy workloads, quickly deploy changes, and improve technical operations.

What sets us apart?

Cloud vendor and technology-agnostic

Solutions are purely client-centric with zero limitations on the cloud platform or technology used, along with a cost-benefit analysis


Meet cloud needs with zero cost overruns that translate to higher profitability and increased ROI

Cost savings with
higher ROI

Meet cloud needs with zero cost overruns that translate to higher profitability and increased ROI

Explore how we are driving real-world impact

A popular tribal casino in Connecticut enhanced their digital footprint with data migration from on-prem to the cloud in 20 weeks

A global leader in cancer drug development streamlined raw healthcare data and activated business intelligence with a cloud data lake

An award-winning online gaming group based in Malta set up an enterprise data warehouse built in a record 4 months

Utilize the cloud effectively

to maximize profits and minimize costs