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Meet Our Partners

BizAcuity Has Tied Up With Leading Analytical Database, Business Intelligence And Data Integration Vendors To Provide End To End Solutions Including Software Licenses, Custom Development & Support For Those Softwares. These Partnerships Allow BizAcuity To Become A One-Stop Shop For Its Customers For Their Relevant BI Needs. BizAcuity Maintains The Vendor Agnostic Approach While Recommending The RIGHT BI Solution. Partnership With These Vendors Allows BizAcuity To Evaluate Each BI Tool Against Customer Requirements More Closely And Also Support Its Customers In The Long Run.

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Jaspersoft Is The World’s Most Widely Deployed Business Intelligence (BI) Suite Due To Its Comprehensive Capabilities, Flexible Light Weight Architecture, And Affordable Subscription Model. Jaspersoft Delivers Reporting, Dashboards, Analysis & Data Integration Services For Both Stand-Alone And Embedded BI Requirements.

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Kognitio Is Redefining The Market As The Industry’s Fastest, Most Scalable And Most Affordable Analytical Platform. Offering Improved In-Memory Analytical Capability And Unprecedented Speeds To Access & Query Data, Kognitio Sets New Standards In Analytical Processing And Business Intelligence.

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Actian Corporation

Actian Corporation Enables Organizations To Transform Big Data Into Business Value With Data Management Solutions To Transact, Analyze And Take Automated Action Across Their Business Operations. Actian Helps 10,000 Customers Worldwide Take Action On Their Big Data With Action Apps, Vectorwise, The Analytical Database And Ingres, An Independent Mission-Critical OLTP Database.

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Vertica Powers Data-Driven Enterprises So They Can Get The Most Out Of Their Analytics Initiatives With Advanced Time-Series And Geospatial Analytics, In-Database Machine Learning, Data Lake Integration, User-Defined Extensions, Cloud-Optimized Architecture, And More. Now BizAcuity Is A Golden Partner Of Vertica https://www.vertica.com/partner/bizacuity/

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Valforma Is A Technology Company, Focused On The Next Generation Of Social, Mobile, Analytics And Cloud Based Solutions And Services. We Believe That Nimble, Adaptive, As-A-Service Software Solutions With Superior Price-Performance Ratios Are The Future Of Enterprise Computing. We Drive Value-Led And Transformative Solutions For Our Customers, Enabling Them For The Future.