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Management Consulting

Management Consulting

We provide expert Management consulting services that help clients optimize their ability to leverage data and turn it into actionable insight. Working as a collaborative partner we help clients to convert the strategic business objectives and goals into Business Intelligence (BI) strategy and take these ideas to action.

Our seasoned BI consulting team will help you with all your Business Intelligence requirements. They are experienced in various business domains to understand most  of your BI concerns and help you identify the right solution. With wide knowledge of domains and BI tools and technologies, be assured that you will get the best solution which covers all your requirements and fits into your budget. All you have to do is to spend some time with our consultants and we can help you with your burning issue related to data and information.


Why Management Consulting?

  • You are struggling to manage your organizational data & want to get more insights on forecasting, trends and opportunities
  • You are not able to utilize the existing BI ecosystem to its full potential
  • You are incurring high cost with time consuming & manual reporting solution. Looking for BI consolidation & rationalization at low cost of services
  • You need a concrete solution to make decision making easy, efficient & more predictable
  • You are facing severe performance issues in Business Intelligence system. Want quick analysis of the hot spots
  • There are multiple ETL, ELT packages co-existing with the in-house applications
  • There are no operational BI elements in the enterprise’s analytical perspective

Some of areas where our consultants excel are:

  • Corporate Performance Management
  • BI Health Check
  • Architecture and Design Consulting
  • BI Tools Evaluation and Recommendation
  • BI Vendor Selection
  • Optimization and Performance Improvement
  • Define Business Intelligence and Analytics Roadmap
  • Convert Business Requirements to Scalable BI Platform

Our highly qualified and talented team members help you realize your BI dream by providing implementation services. As a company, we consider our customers as our partners and work together to create greater value for our customers. With expertise in most of the latest and the best BI Tools, Analytical databases, Data Integration (ETL) Tools and Analytics Applications, our team is capable of delivering very high quality BI Applications at a fast speed and at a very reasonable cost. Not only we deliver applications, we also help our customers with their infrastructure requirements related to their BI needs.

With an on-site off-shore global delivery model, our services give our customers an added cost advantage and faster delivery cycles. We cover all major areas related to converting data into valuable information.

Enterprise Data Management:

  • Data Modeling and Data Warehouse Design
  • Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) Process Design and Implementation
  • Data Integration and Quality Management
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Mining
  • Ad-hoc Database/SQL Reporting

Business Performance Management:

  • Corporate performance Management
  • BI Health Check
  • Architecture and Design Consulting
  • BI Tools Evaluation and Recommendation
  • BI Vendor Selection
  • Optimization and Performance Improvement
  • Convert Business Requirements to Scalable BI Platform


  • Predictive Analytics
  • Forecast Modeling

  • Marketing Spent Vs ROI Calculation
  • Budget Vs Actual Analysis