Data Integration between casino properties

About Client

A popular tribal casino from Connecticut, US with 364,000 square feet (33,800 square meters) of gambling space
Revenue: $700 M (2020)


  • Our client had recently acquired its 9th casino property. It is home to 2 luxury hotel towers totaling 1,600 rooms, a world-class spa, the 125,000 square-foot Earth Expo Center, a championship golf course, more than 80 shops, restaurants and bars as well as three award-winning entertainment venues
  • After acquisition, data integration was required to ensure a “single point of truth” and stay ahead of the competition with data driven insights


  • The client was not able to view an integrated report for both their properties located at two different geographies
  • Data was present in 2 databases: SQL Server and Teradata which resulted in discrepancies in reporting and analytics
  • There was an issue with monitoring incremental data load from ETL source: SQL Server which took around 20mins

Our Solution

  • An ETL pipeline was setup from scratch on Informatica Intelligent Cloud Service (IICS)
  • An Audit framework was built to create idempotent data pipeline where data remains synchronous or non-corrupted even after multiple re-runs
  • A testing framework was built using python to validate the data and send a report if there are any mismatches between the source data on the SQL Server and the data on the Stage layer on Teradata
  • An ETL Audit framework was also setup to ensure that the data warehouse/ data pipeline is resistant to:
    Restart the load from the point of failure
    Maintain the logs about the duration of the daily load
    No. of reads from the source for each table
    No. of inserts into the target for each table
  • Push email notifications
  • The ETL Audit framework was set up using Teradata Stored Procedures, Teradata BTEQ utility and Windows Bat Scripts
    Email Notifications were set up using PowerShell at each step to notify the progress of the daily load along with the stats for Success or Failure


Client was able to see integrated report for 10M+ data (gaming and player) on a daily basis0 %
The email notifications ensured that there was almost Zero monitoring required for daily incremental data load from ETL source to Teradata10 Weeks
Went Live in just 10 weeks

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