IBM DB2 to Postgres Migration

About Client

One of Asia’s largest E-commerce marketplaces that assists businesses with services in the areas of e-auction and e-procurementt of resources like steel, oil and coal.
Revenue: $185 million


The client was using IBM DB2 database and wanted to migrate to PostgreSQL due to 2 main reasons:

  • PostgreSQL is an object-oriented database (ORDBMS) whereas DB2 is only relational (RDBMS)
  • PostgreSQL is a highly secure, open source tool while DB2 requires a commercial license

Due to lack of in-house IT expertise, the client was not in the position to manage data inconsistency across multiple platforms and was unable to kick-off the migration process

Our Solution

The BizAcuity team helped in the data migration by executing the following steps:

  • Conversion of Procedures using AWS SCT
  • Conversion of procedures manually (those that couldn’t be converted using AWS SCT)
  • Updated procedures after conversion as per requirements.
  • Fixed the code, queries and procedure calls in the code base via navigation of the application
  • Fixed the code, queries and procedure calls directly in the Action Classes, Service Layers and Implementation Layers


  • Successfully migrated from DB2 to Postgres
  • Updated existing SQL commands as per Postgres norms

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