Enhancement of Modules for a New Product Category

About Client

One of Asia’s largest E-commerce marketplaces that assists businesses with services in the areas of e-auction and e-procurement of resources like steel, oil and coal.


  • The client was facing a significant challenge with the implementation of a custom solution for one of its customers. The customer required a unique workflow and separate database for their e-auctions of a specific commodity as discussed with the stakeholders. The standard catalog used by the client was unable to accommodate these requirements.

Our Solution

The BizAcuity team of experts were already engaged with modernising the client’s web application and catalog creation process (case study)

For this unique requirement, the team took a few additional steps to enhance the modules, as follows-

  • The item-wise Acceptance Order (AO) generation for the new catalogs were modified as per the discussions held with the auctioneer
  • The item-wise auction payment (MVP) by the bidder was updated and the number of pending instalments for completing auction payment was changed
  • The release order document that was to be generated based on the allocation payment was created separately
  • Generation of the new catalog’s release order for all the types of users – the admin, the client and the bidder was modified


  • A new module was developed for a specific commodity because a different auction procedure was being followed. The module was completed in 6 weeks
  • Development of a user-friendly auction payment module (MVP) was completed in a span of 4 weeks
  • The enhancements were made with the help of Postgres (db), Java, and Structs

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