Smart Trading Platform for Cryptocurrency

About Client

The Client is a global trader focused on Alternative Investments.

The Background

  • The way trading is done in the stock market has changed forever especially in wake of the pandemic. Old methods of technical analysis have given way to increased usage of AI-driven predictive analytics for much faster and more accurate insights; thus, allowing bigger profits at reduced rate of risk.
  • Many traders and firms have started using AI to analyze large volumes of data to analyse, forecast and mitigate risks. The level of analysis that can be done by various AI algorithms are unparalleled and they improve accuracy over time thanks to the constant training process enabled by machine learning.
  • Cryptocurrency trading is a relatively new phenomena that has been gaining a lot of attention. Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile and hence it’s very risky to trade in that segment.
  • But with the right tool and strategy in place, the volatility and movements are more predictable and can be computed within minutes or seconds.

The Challenge

The client required a scalable application that integrated 5 major cryptocurrency exchanges located in different parts of the world. The application had to be robust enough to process millions of intra-day transactions across the cryptocurrency exchanges within seconds. There were some serious challenges to meeting the said objectives-

  • The cryptocurrency exchanges are highly unpredictable as rapid changes in the configurations take place without sending proper notifications or alerts to the API.
  • Since cryptocurrency exchanges are relatively new in the market, testing and simulation for the algorithms is quite challenging.

Our Solution

  • BizAcuity has a lot of interest in the crypto space and developed a smart trading platform that was fully equipped with a modern dashboard and reporting system.
  • The BizAcuity team identified the target exchanges’ APIs, response times and potential errors based on the historical data provided by the client.
  • After a thorough inspection on the API compatibility and UI speed, the team built the application on Python and React.
  • The application was then hosted on Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.
  • The application can generate a dashboard and reports featuring key variables like real-time market movements, sophisticated strategies and historical trades in-place, in a simple, readable format for the 5 of cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • The price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency exchanges can be compared with the price fluctuations of the fiat currency in the real time market like Yen, Euro and United States Dollar.

The Outcome

The application had a success rate of

where-in it could successfully trade per day with the desired strategies.

The application could course correct in case of any unexpected circumstance and initiate a

fail safe mechanism
during sharp price fluctuations so as to avoid damages.

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