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Accuracy Delivered

Our name is derived from the word Acuity and we are true to its meaning. Acuity means keenness or acuteness in vision or thought.  Our experience in data analytics and gaming industry makes us one of the few firms dealing with Gaming Analytics.

Our Forte

We provide modern, reliable, scalable and cost effective consultancy and services to clients across the globe. Our team has built core competencies in all areas related to BI, Data Warehouse, Data Analytic, Machine Learning and Big Data.

Our Promise

Our promise is to deliver sophisticated solutions that provides competitive advantage to our clients in their respective domain in Data Analytics. We are one stop shop providing Strategy, Consulting and Implementation bundled with industry best practices.

BizAcuity Services

Big Data

Review Issues & Understand Business Objectives with Data Sourcing, Integration, & Reporting, Define the approach for Big Data technology integration with legacy systems

Visual Analytics

Assessment of Current BI Environments, Business Intelligence Strategy & Road Map, Business Intelligence Solution Modelling


Analyze & Define Key Business Variables, Apply statistical modeling techniques relevant to business problem, Optimize models for better results

Data Management

Data warehouse/ Data Lake Strategy & Road Map, Data Classification, Data Migration

Management Consulting

Corporate Performance Management, Architecture and Design Consulting, Business Intelligence Health Check

Cloud Services

On-premise CRM Migration to Cloud, On-Data warehouse to Cloud, Cloud Based Visual Analytics

We strive to help our Customers better utilize their
Data Infrastructure

Industries We Serve

Gaming Industry

Custom advanced
predictive analytics solutions.

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Financial Services

Custom built Solutions that increase revenue and reduce the cost & risk.

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Event Technologies

We help create and deliver solutions for entire Media value chain.

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Better insights mean faster decision making, better customer service.

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AI/ML Gaming Analytics Accelerator

A state of the art Analytics Accelerator Platform which helps in industry leading insights. Faster go to market with plug and play predictive models and insightful dashboards to cover all your Gaming needs.

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Few of Our Customers

Customer Success Stories

Tableau Report Optimization

Optimization of Tableau to reduce dashboard load time by 91.11%
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Self Service BI & Analytics

Analytical Dashboards for rapid decision making without much help from your IT team

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i-Gaming Churn Analytics

Reduced player churn rate by 10% Early identification of VIPs led to 5% increase in average player value

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Risk Profiling

Predicted defaulter & insolvency, Lowering of Non Performing Asset levels

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What Our Customers Say