The blessing of technology has opened up several avenues to cater to our audience more aptly and strategically. It gives businesses a new perspective on behavior and interests, which lets them mold their marketing approaches and financial models. Today, with casinos growing to become a popular form of recreation worldwide, several businesses are integrating technological approaches into their business functions to increase efficiency and market performance.

Presenting the cross-sell recommendation engine

In the scenario of land-based casinos, which usually operate out of hotels, restaurants or resorts, it’s important to identify popular user preferences and actions. This helps keep a tab on market trends, game popularity, usage time and much more.

With the aid of a cross-sell recommendation engine, casinos can take this information a step further. Cross-sell recommendation engines analyze data constantly and are programmed to classify users into different buckets or categories based on age, gender, first wager amount in different products and more. While doing that, it filters the data captured based on location to keep its findings more precise and relevant to each local casino.

When a user starts to play any of the games in any land-based casino, the cross-sell recommendation engine tracks his or her playing preferences and patterns. It then validates it against the data it collects to identify the category in which the user falls. Accordingly, it pushes out contextual recommendations and suggestions.

This process assigns a product affinity score for every game played, based on the customer’s historical pattern across game types. For new players who have no history, their persona, based on demography, is mapped and accordingly promotions are sent out. Based on these parameters, games are ranked basis customer demographics and cross-selling is configured.

For example, table games at a casino are comparatively more time-consuming. With a cross-sell recommendation engine, we identify which age-group is likely to spend how much time at the table and accordingly roll out room-reservation offers, dining promotions and much more. Since these offers arise out of user data generated and analyzed over long periods, they are likely to be more effective in generating sales.

The benefits of a cross-sell recommendation engine

  • A cross-sell recommendation engine enables market basket analysis, which helps understand customer behavior across various games
  • Such an engine enables hyper-personalization, which helps casinos roll out tailored and personalized suggestions. This helps increase user engagement and contributes to a positive customer journey. Thereby leading to more repeat customers
  • With better recommendations, casinos are more likely to offer more apt
  • recommendations and promotional offers, which have more chances of getting converted into sales.
  • When contextual and relevant promotions are offered, customers are more likely to spend more time at the casino, thereby enjoying a much-enhanced playing experience.
  • With the help of a cross-sell recommendation engine, different facilities of the casinos, such as restaurants, spa, room reservations and more can be weaved together to increase the sales cap.
  • This will also help allocate marketing budgets strategically and effectively. In turn, letting casinos make the most of their finances.

The way forward

The way forward for casinos is to embrace the advancements in technology. A cross-sell recommendation engine gives casinos a deep dive into user demographics and personas and combines them with data sets to make accurate suggestions. This is the kind of approach that is required to keep them ahead of the curve

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