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A website is the first point of contact for the customers. It holds true if the company is an E-Commerce company providing for online shopping facility. Therefore companies that have E-Commerce based business must take steps to ensure that they grab the visitor’s attention when they visit the website. If a visitor likes full price items, showing him/her discounted items would lose a customer. It is similar in case of a customer who is interested to buy discounted products, but is shown new arrivals or full price products.

At BizAcuity, we provide customized solutions that help you segment your customers on various parameters by using customer’s generic – demographic, geographic, as well as buying attributes. With this approach, the new customers and the existing customers are both mapped to these segments and a detailed customer profile is created. For sales & marketing department of any company, finding and retaining customers is the most important activity.
It requires analysis of what the customer is exactly wanting and how can the company ensure that the website gets the customer’s attention. It assumes a larger significance in an E-Commerce platform where you do not physically see the customer to map behavioral patterns. We help you get to those important insights into customers through our solutions.


We provide customized analytical solutions for E-Commerce that helps you determine the buying patterns of your customers and how you can base your promotional strategy.

  • Segmentation of customer attributes on basis of
    -Price affinity
    -Affinity to promotion type
    -Transaction history
    -Affinity to product attributes
    -Repeat Purchases
    -Online Conversations
    -Previous Feedback
  • A/B Testing
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Targeted Promotions

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