Machine Learning for Anti-Money Laundering in the iGaming industry

AML Solution

Back in November 2022, the European Comission (EC) published a report on the prevalence of money laundering in the iGaming industry, flagging it at the highest level of threat. They observed that the online gaming industry had several weaknesses regarding AML regulations and hinted at stricter regulations to come. Coincidentally, it was around the same time when […]

What Is All The Fuss About Agile Software Development?

Agility for any organization is the ability to stay alert and be prepared to act on any decision almost instantly. Agile software development is a collaborative process between and within project teams with an ingrained set of values and principles for software development. The end goal is to streamline software development and increase the ability […]

What is Business Intelligence Consulting

Thanks to the recent technological innovations and circumstances to their rapid adoption, having a data warehouse has become quite common in various enterprises across sectors. However, many businesses seem to face a lot of challenges, which includes ensuring a ‘single source of truth’ across the organization. Several large organizations have faltered on different stages of […]

How to Leverage Machine Learning for AML Compliance

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) is increasingly becoming a crucial branch of risk management and fraud prevention. AML regulations and procedures help organizations identify, monitor, and report suspicious transactions and provide an additional layer of protection against financial crime. Money laundering is a serious threat in the financial services industry and in the online gaming and casino […]

Informatica – Limitations of its cloud platform

Introduction Informatica is a data integration tool based on ETL architecture. It provides data integration software and services for various businesses, industries and government organizations including telecommunication, health care, financial and insurance services. Informatica uses the Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) architecture which is the most popular architecture to perform data integration. Once the Source […]

Snowflake: Data Ingestion Using Snowpipe and AWS Glue

Introduction In today’s world that is largely data-driven, organizations depend on data for their success and survival, and therefore need robust, scalable data architecture to handle their data needs. This typically requires a data warehouse for analytics needs that is able to ingest and handle real time data of huge volumes. Snowflake is a cloud-native […]

Leveraging AI for Ecommerce Marketing

In our previous blog, we discussed the advantages of implementing AI for businesses. Now it’s time to discuss leveraging AI for Ecommerce marketing in various ways. AI-driven marketing is a well-accepted mandate for businesses who are digital. According to SalesForce, 84% percent of marketers today are reported to be using AI, a 186% increase in […]

Managed IT Services Fail Mostly Due To 3 Reasons

Organizations who opt for managed IT services are likely to tell you that it is a painful task to find vendors, and trust them with their IT ecosystem. Typically, businesses look out for IT vendors who can seamlessly integrate into their system. This may include vendors with When your organization is facing a resource crunch, […]

Teradata Storage Optimization

Introduction Teradata is an integrated platform that provides functionality to store, access, and analyze organizational data on the Cloud as well as On-Premise infrastructure. Teradata Database provides an information repository system, along with support for various tools and utilities, making it a complete and active relational database management system. Teradata is based on a parallel […]

Handling Large Volumes of Data in Power BI

Introduction Data fuels today’s business and Microsoft’s Power BI tool helps you make sense of that data. Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools to analyze data and share insights. There are two licensing options for Power BI: Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium. Among other differences between the two options, data […]