Artificial Intelligence impersonates human intelligence using various algorithms to collect data and improve performance with data compliance over some time. Most of the online gambling industries today are beginning to evolve and adopt these innovations within their online systems to better analyze player behavior for better retention & acquisition and top of it aides to solve many of the industry prevalent challenges like:

Customer Service:

The intelligent concierge will be more sophisticated in communication but will also be very familiar with the customer’s preferences. For the mass of collected data that AI technology can process and use, the customer’s habits are known. In combination with customer communication, customer-oriented solutions are delivered faster, and these should also resolve problems more efficiently based on the analysis.

Fraud Detection:

AI records the data of users and their gambling activities and collectively determines cheating methods by flagging its suspicious occurrence and therefore, suspending accounts for further investigation.

Regulation & Player Safety:

Gambling addiction is a huge problem that has been raised for concerns by governments internationally. With AI, limitations on spending and patterns of gambling activity can be looked into, to ensure players are gambling sustainably.

Optimize your Go To Market:

The gaming business consists of various applications like the gaming platforms (Casino, Live Dealer, Poker, Sports, Bingo, etc.), account platform, payment, affiliate, loyalty system, bonus and promotion systems, financial application, CRM system, and many others. In many cases, source data is captured in various databases and the need for data consolidation arises and typically it takes around 6-9 months to complete, and with a high budget in terms of provisioning for servers, either in cloud or on-premise, licenses for data warehouse platform, reporting system, ETL tools, etc.

We at BizAcuity, have realized that there is a need to build a SaaS platform that could help the operators to optimize the go-to-market strategy in this highly competitive and most rapidly advancing space with minimal capital and human investments. Garnering over more than 6 decades of gaming intelligence experience of our founding team and using advanced technologies like AI & machine learning have a custom-built gaming accelerator platform that provides both visualization and data analytics.

Our gaming platform can ingest data in a much simpler way and provide the benefits of a scalable and robust analytics platform, which can ingest data in a much simpler way and provide the benefits of a scalable and robust analytics platform, independent of individual source systems being used by the client in a much faster and cost-effective way. It can reduce the whole process of transforming data to information to action in a matter of days and weeks instead of months with a unique Pay-As-You-Go licensing model that allows clients to get started with very minimal capital & operational cost.

The platform consists of four layers independently developed in a service-oriented architecture which makes it highly scalable and fault-tolerant:

  • Data Ingestion/Data Lake Layer
  • Data Enrichment/Data Warehouse Layer
  • Data Analytics Layer
  • Data Visualization Layer

The platform uses one of the best column-oriented Analytics platforms specifically designed to manage large, fast-growing volumes of data and provide very fast query performance when used for data warehouses and other query-intensive applications. The proprietary data model for Gaming Industry makes it unique with more than 200+ variables for both reporting and model creation.

The unique features of the gaming platform, it can be used by business users without the assistance of the IT team to provide data or waiting for data scientists to build, validate and execute models. Easy to use interface with multiple options to ingest source data, the platform provides flexibility to the end-users to run their predictive models independently. With an unmatched understanding of each source system and gaming KPIs, BizAcuity’s AI/ML-based accelerator can help the gaming business take on the analytics and data-driven journey in no time.