Leading global hospitality and gaming brands use MicroStrategy to get valuable gaming insights and identify player potential, enhance guest experience, improve customer service, implement better promotions, and more accurately analyze revenue indicators. MicroStrategy provides hospitality and gaming organizations with the ability to make effective business decisions based on analytics in: Corporate Management, Operations, CRM, Marketing, Customer Service, Finance, Entertainment, Retail and Game Performance Analysis, Player Development, and Call Center Management.

MicroStrategy has been one of the most preferred strategic BI tools for many of the leading online and land based casinos due to its core functionalities of addressing the core challenges of the Gaming industry. This year has seen Microstrategy strengthening its competitive position in the magic quadrant by playing a pivotal role in bridging the gap between Operation, IT and Marketing challenges

For Operational Analytics:

  • Optimize table and slot machine profitability through analysis of revenue generation, machine placement and total system downtime
  • Analyze results of games and analyze player behavior to identify a pattern on game selection, total spent in different games and usage time

For Finance Analytics:

  • To determine the Theoretical value or determine financial loss of individual customers using predictive analytics mechanism
  • Track performance of supplementary services such as dining, entertainment and room bookings and percentage revenue contribution

For Customer Analytics:

  • Create products or services based on the historical data of good customers for up- sell and cross sell
  • Determine reinvestment levels by demographic analysis covering buying pattern, age group and buyer behavior

Service Analytics:

  • Ensure customer satisfaction based on preference by providing enhanced services such as dining, entertainment facilities
  • Track and improve service performance by analyzing customer waiting period , customer satisfaction surveys, improve productivity with right labor scheduling

Marketing Analytics:

  • Increase the marketing ROI by reviewing and monitoring promotional programs, different campaigns spend vs performance analysis
  • Reduce market cannibalization with right strategies such as: creation of unique brand messaging with distinct brand identity