TIBCO Jaspersoft offers a complete BI suite that includes reporting, online analytical processing (OLAP), visual analytics, and data integration. The web-scale platform enables users to share interactive dashboards and data from a single page with individuals across the enterprise. Insights can also be shared externally with a single click.

Boris Evelson, principal analyst at Forrester Research pointed out that while Jaspersoft may not match the likes of Oracle, Microsoft, or IBM, feature for feature. However, BI users should still assess if they truly need all of the “bells and whistles” that the larger suites offer. JasperSoft is available at a fraction of the cost compared to its commercial counterparts who dominate the market.

Popular companies that leverage JasperSoft enterprise BI suite include Lufthansa Systems, Iron Mountain, and DATA Inc.

[Source: https://enlyft.com/tech/products/jaspersoft]

[Source: https://enlyft.com/tech/products/jaspersoft]

TIBCO JasperSoft Features

  • Ad Hoc Analysis
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • Good Visualization Options
  • Data Security
  • Trend Indicators
  • Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Automatic Scheduled Reporting
  • Customizable Dashboard

At A Glance

Good: Self-service capability, ability to work with big data, users can build their own data mart or warehouse.

Bad: Lack of Impala connectivity, comparatively minimal technical support offered.

Our Take: Jaspersoft has a scalable, modular, standards-based design that allows the flexibility needed for a wide variety of deployments.


With Jaspersoft, businesses can create multiple types of reports and subreports from any and all kinds of data sources with ease and flexibility. Businesses can build client-facing customer reports that present data textually and graphically.

JasperReports Server is a web application for non-technical business users to customize and create their own reports and dashboards without any IT intervention. The platform provides a convenient drag-and-drop feature for a user-friendly self-service environment which is available in two versions- community (free of cost) and Professional.

Examples of JasperSoft Dashboards on PC, and Tablet view

JasperSoft for Big Data Analytics

Jaspersoft is particularly resourceful as a cost-effective big data analytics solution that can connect with and present information for Cassandra Analytics, MongoDB Analytics, Hadoop Analytics, among many others. Reports and dashboards can be generated directly from the data warehouse or data lake.
Jaspersoft can connect to a wide range of data sources, including JDBC data sources, JNDI, file systems, JSON, XML, CSV, XLS, and Big Data Methodologies. Any number of data sources can be combined into a single object, including schemas from several databases, databases from various suppliers, and different schemas found in the same database.

Data can be blended with other data sources either using normal ETL capabilities, or with the help of Data Virtualization tools. The dashboards can then be embedded with a business’s application, and be used to improve business efficiency.
The suite’s open source codebase also enables it to support third-party commercial and open source BI tools, including Talend’s open source ETL tool and activity monitoring console, R software, and JasperAnalysis, an OLAP tool built on the open source Mondrian engine.

Advantages of using JasperSoft for BI

High-level Security:

Jasper Reports Server relies on the open source Spring security framework, which means it has many configurable options for authentication, and authorization. Users can only access the data they are allowed to see.

Actionable Reports:

Jaspersoft Studio is a powerful report builder that develops pixel perfect reports at the enterprise-level

Self-service BI:

Jaspersoft allows users to create interactive dashboards, and Ad Hoc reports on a self-service basis using the Adhoc designer. Users have a lot of choice including multiple charts options available along with formatting, and drill downs provision.

Embedded BI:

Reports, dashboards, and analytical views can be integrated within an application user interface to enhance the context and usability of the data. The information is typically displayed and managed by a BI platform. This allows users to access state-of-the-art reporting and analytics without the time and expense of having to build it.

Ease of Upgradation:

Jaspersoft regularly releases new product updates that include additional functionalities and bug fixes. Upgrading to the newer versions requires running a few scripts for backup, installation of the new version and finally, migrating the reports and dashboards to the newer version.

Ease of Implementation:

Jaspersoft BI can easily be implemented in Windows, Linux, Cloud, Android and iOS.