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Outing & Events

14:10 29 November in Blog

Outing & Events @ BizAcuity

Apart from working hard and providing best solutions to our clients we also know how to unwind and participate in different activities happening around us. Few glimpses from outing Events this year.

Few Glimpses from this year



Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2017

Participation in Airtel 5K Marathon on August 19th, 2017.

Airtel5K_07 Airtel5K_06 Airtel5K_05 Airtel5K_04 Airtel5K_03 Airtel5K_02 Airtel5K_01



Glimpses of few conferences we attended in 2017


Aditya Satyadev speaking at “Data Science, AI and Deep Learning” about “Using Data Science for Underwriting and Risk Analytics for Unsecured Installment Loans” in London on Nov 16, 2017.


Conference2017_02 Conference2017_03

Rakesh Rajalwal presenting a case study on Risk Analytics at Nasscom Tech series event in Hyderabad on Sep 22, 2017.

Rakesh Rajawal Nasscom December 21

Another presentation by Rakesh Rajalwal on “Telecom Fraud” at Nasscom Tech Series event in Hyderabad on December 21,2017.


Below are few conferences we have attended in 2017

Conference2017_05 Conference2017_04 Conference2017_06 Conference2017_07

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