6 Best Practices on Tableau

We all know how difficult it is in today’s business world to wait for a report being generated on your system. 8-Seconds is agreed universally as the maximum time for a Business user to wait for an output from a front-end application before he/she loses interest. We have mastered the art of implementing the 8-Seconds rule with Tableau. Read our blog on why Tableau is best fitted for your BI needs here.

Some of the research papers with regards to this rule is presented below.

Top 6 best practices to achieve 8 seconds turnaround time in reporting on Tableau Platform are:

  1. Instead of Data blending, Single Data source is required.
  2. Summary table without joins for dashboard.
  3. Calculations are exclusively done in Database. Minimal use of calculations in tableau to reduce loading time in Tableau.
  4. No unused fields in Tableau layer.
  5. Minimizing rendering time when complex charts are used.
  6. Use only actual fields in the detail section of charts.

Stay Tuned for our next blog on this as we will share the best practices to be followed at Database end to achieve the 8 second turnaround time in reporting.