Managing Casino Affiliates with GAMWIT

About Client

A global igaming company, based in Gibraltar, offering a variety of betting choice and style. Revenue: $24 M


  • Although, the GGY (gross gambling yield) of the gambling industry in the UK decreased by about £84.1M due to Covid from April 2019 to March 2020, the online casino gaming increased by nearly 4% which in turn spiked the growth of Affiliate Marketing.
  • Affiliate marketers are motivated to receive maximum ROI with minimum spend and could be found in every nook and corner of the web.
  • Our client is a major online casino and sports betting operator who deals with a large number of affiliates 24/7 with 10+ years of operations in online betting but has no data driven insights. The client offers an incredible selection of thrilling slots, classic table games, huge progressive jackpots, and impressive live games and sportsbook in the UK

The Challenge

Having Huge Number of Affiliates?
How to identify which affiliate brings players with high Lifetime Value?
What to do with Affiliates generating Players with low Lifetime Value?
Where to invest money in affiliate marketing?
How much to invest in affiliate marketing?
Do you negotiate deals with existing affiliates?
  • With a plethora of affiliates, it is usually difficult to focus on the ones that generate high value players or negotiate deals with the ones that generate low value players.
  • Moreover, UKGC Markers of harm have included stringent betting guidelines in the UK. This required a re-do of KYC of all UK customers and also a stringent KYC of all new UK customers. This involved updating the KYC for 1000+customers per day, and this essentially involves a manual process but the client was not staffed enough to run through so many KYCs. Hence, prioritising the players with high lifetime value is an absolute necessity now.
  • To maximise acquisition, prioritise affiliates and stay ahead in competition, the client partnered/engaged with BizAcuity Solutions relying on our 10+ years of experience in iGaming.

Our Expertise

We leveraged GAMWIT’s Lifetime Value (LTV) Model to address client’s concerns. The driving force was the proprietary “feature factory” of 450+ variables, based on several decades of our experience in iGaming domain covering different geographies:

  • Player-level LTV prediction
  • Faster Go-to-market
  • AI/ML driven insights
  • Flexible cloud-based deployment option
  • Pay as you go
  • Easy to use

Our Solution

Data Ingestion

  • Intuitive Data profiling
  • In-built data validation
  • Notification of missing data

Data Enrichment

  • Automated data reconciliation
  • Proprietary ‘Feature Factory’ of 250+ variables
  • Implicit virtual data warehouse


  • Training, Testing & Model selection
  • Feature Engineering
  • Configurable Train Test Data Split
  • Multi-step Model Selection
  • Hyper Parameter Tuning
  • Visualization of model performance


  • Improved player acquisition by focusing on affiliates fetching players with higher lifetime value
  • Optimized cost by re-negotiating deals with affiliates generating low lifetime value players
  • Enhanced player retention with cross-selling and up-selling opportunities by making daily predictions on 500K+ players
Reduction in Time for Going Live in the Market
Accuracy of GAMWIT’s LTV Model

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