Player Reconciliation for Online Gaming

About Client

The client is a gaming company based out of Europe, providing stand alone and integrated gaming technologies and services. They are the market leaders in game development, delivering a product suite of over a hundred games including bingo, classic and video slots, table games, scratch cards and network jackpots.


  • B2B organizations have been focusing on product innovation with the help of BI and Big Data in order to provide their clients with top-notch service and quality while lowering expenses.
  • For B2B online gaming providers, when the internet is the marketplace with a diverse set of consumers from various countries who use their products indirectly every day; it is crucial to leverage data to its full potential in order to market their products better, innovate products and spot hidden opportunities in the market.
  • When data is spread across different locations or networks, integrating the data for reporting and analysis favours market suppliers who wish to have a holistic view of their entire business at one place


  • Client is a B2B online gaming provider. They have data from four different operators with the total number of players exceeding 4.5 million. All 4 operators had disparate data sources. The client wanted to consolidate the data in one database and reconcile the balances of players from various places (Summary tables, Transaction tables, Reports etc.)

Our Solution

  • Calculated the opening balance of all players (From transaction table)
  • Calculated the Total Transaction Amount that is credited in each Player’s account (Purchases, Win etc.)
  • Calculated the Total Transaction Amount that is debited from each Player’s Account (Bets, Redemptions etc.)
  • Calculated the Closing balance of all players (From Transaction table)
  • Then reconciled the process with the formula
    Opening Balance of the year + (Transaction Amt (Credit) – Transaction Amt (Debit)) – Closing Balance of the year = 0


  • Now the client has a holistic view of their entire business at one place to benefit from better insights.
  • The reconciliation process is flexible enough to choose the date range as a filter

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