Optimizing ETL Processes for Enhanced Efficiency and Cost Reduction

About Client:

The client is a billion-dollar telecommunications company founded in 1987 based out of Tampa, Florida.


In their existing environment, the client operates with two databases, namely Oracle and Apache Impala. Additionally, they maintain ETL tools tailored to the specific needs of their primary carrier clients, incorporating technologies like Apache Kudu, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, and Scala. The majority of their data resides within this environment. 


The client faced frequent production halts, causing a sharp rise in operational costs. It was found that the ETL process predominantly used the primary node, with minimal involvement of the standby node.


BizAcuity identified that there was no lab setup in place by the client’s development team. To address this, the setup of a dedicated lab for testing purposes was initiated. 

As part of the solution, an Oracle ACFS (Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System) was implemented, creating a shared platform for file storage. 

Oracle ACFS, known for efficiently managing large numbers of files, facilitates the utilization of both nodes, promoting parallel processing.

This architectural adjustment enabled the distribution of jobs across both nodes, running them simultaneously.


  1. The optimized setup led to faster processing times, providing the client with additional time to meet SLAs promptly. 
  2. Consequently, the client experienced a remarkable 69% reduction in the costs incurred. 
  3. The improved efficiency of the ETL processes contributed to a more streamlined operation.

Ongoing Support:

While the client is undergoing migration, BizAcuity continues to provide support for the existing ETL tools. This includes ensuring the smooth functioning of the optimized processes and addressing any challenges that may arise during the migration phase.

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