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About Client:

The client is a billion-dollar telecommunications company founded in 1987 in Tampa, Florida.


Since July 2021, the client, a global leader in mobile communications solutions, has been leveraging a robust BI system to provide comprehensive visibility into messaging data for both internal and enterprise clients.


Due to a lack of resources with MicroStrategy expertise, the client turned to BizAcuity for assistance. The internal BI system proved to be non-user-friendly, offering limited customization options. Additionally, its data source lacked access to the current datalake, making report building and scheduling time-consuming due to manual processes and effort-intensive queries.


Technology Stack Optimization:

  • Created intelligent cubes for users with technical backgrounds to access and build their own reports
  •  Implemented training programs to empower non-technical users, enabling them to create their own reports, thereby establishing a self-service BI environment.

Agile Development Approach:

  • Adopted agile development to quickly address new requirements.
  • Collaborated closely with end users to understand and adapt to their changing needs.

Customization and Scalability:

  • Designed reports with customizable features, allowing users to tailor data presentation.
  • Ensured seamless scalability to handle the increasing volume and complexity of messaging data.


The implemented solution yielded remarkable outcomes, showcasing the effectiveness of the BI enhancements:

  1. Achieved a remarkable on-time delivery rate of 90%, ensuring timely access to critical insights for all stakeholders.
  2. Successfully migrated 15 reports to MicroStrategy 11, leveraging the latest features and improvements.
  3. Built 60+ dossiers and reports in MicroStrategy 11, providing end users with enhanced visualization and analysis capabilities.
  4. Prepared 20+ on-demand reports tailored to the specific enterprise client’s requirements, demonstrating flexibility and responsiveness.
  5. Tracked key KPIs such as volume- no of messages (sent & received), failed messages, revenue, cost, margin, billable, and non-billable message count.

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