Upgrading a Telecom BI Portal for Multi-Browser Compatibility

About Client:

The client is a billion-dollar telecommunications company founded in 1987 based out of Tampa, Florida.


In 2022, Microsoft announced the discontinuation of the Internet Explorer browser, posing a significant challenge for applications designed exclusively for IE compatibility. Client’s BI portal was one such system, creating a pressing need for adaptation.


The primary challenge was to ensure the continued functionality of the client’s BI portal, originally designed for Internet Explorer, in the absence of IE support. Failure to address this issue would have compelled the client to migrate hundreds of reports and other portal features to a new system, taking several months to complete.


BizAcuity opted for a proactive approach, making the portal compatible with modern browsers such as Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. 

The lab environment initially presented hindrances to effective testing. The code, written in JavaScript, required modification to enhance compatibility with browsers other than the default.

  1. Identified and fixed issues within the existing lab environment to create a conducive testing environment.
  2. Conducted a thorough analysis of the codebase to understand its structure and functionality.
  3. Identified Java Server Pages critical to the BI portal’s performance.
  4. Modified the existing code to ensure compatibility with various browsers, extending beyond the originally targeted browser.
  5. Rigorously tested the BI portal after implementing code changes to ensure its seamless functionality across different browsers.

This strategic decision aimed to future-proof the portal and enhance the user experience.


  1. Within a remarkably short span of two weeks, the portal, initially designed exclusively for Internet Explorer, was now fully functional and accessible on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers.
  2. The browser compatibility upgrade profoundly impacted the client’s operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. 
  3. This successful adaptation not only averted the need for extensive report migration but also saved an estimated 2000 days of effort that would have been required for migrating and validating each report individually.
  4. The benefits of this upgrade extended globally, benefiting client’s customers across Europe, North America, and India. The portal’s enhanced compatibility ensured a consistent and reliable user experience for clients in diverse geographic regions.

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