Customizing Discounts with Wholesale Deal Management for Operators

About Client:

The client is a billion dollar telecommunications company founded in 1987 based out of Tampa, Florida.


Telecommunication network operators offer personalized discounts to their customers to leverage partnerships and get excellent roaming services at favorable prices and margins. 


The client’s earlier legacy platform calculated wholesale deals using a packaged-based approach. However, the competition with the peers demanded an update to its existing features that could benefit network operators.

Hence, they aimed to develop IMSI-based features to offer customer discounts based on individual usage per unit, but the team that built the legacy platform was not available.

International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI): 

It is a 15-digit number that identifies every user in a Global System for Mobile communication. This ID, stored in the SIM card, helps operators in user identification, tracking, and subscriber management.


The BizAcuity team of professionals conducted an in-depth analysis of the application and its functionalities. Through a meticulous review of hundreds of thousands of lines of legacy code, a comprehensive understanding of the business logic and functionality implementation was achieved. With this acquired knowledge, the team proceeded to implement a series of enhancements aligning with the client’s desired improvements to the existing platform.

  • In the first phase of development, changes included UI modifications, Java updates, and adjustments to their Oracle database. We developed the IMSI feature that calculated discounts per unit basis.
  • Moving into the second phase of development, fee calculation was integrated into the IMSI feature. This addition not only helped network operators in calculating discounts but also the fee per individual.


  1. With the BizAcuity team now available to support and modify the application, the client can now help network operators personalize customer discounts using IMSI-based features.
  2. The latest IMSI fee forecast feature helped operators assess partner performance and budget accuracy by comparing the expected budget with the actual fee collected.
  3. Our team has also successfully implemented similar modifications to fulfill a custom-based requirement.This customization provided a prominent network operator the ability to:
    • Set up and regulate budget scenarios with monthly customer monitoring.
    • Improve traffic steering for efficient call-data flow and track revenue distribution among valued partners across regions.

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