Overcoming TIBCO Jaspersoft Limitations with Custom Solutions

About Client

The client is a multi-billion dollar telecommunications company with a market presence across 38 countries. They deliver over 25% of the world’s internet routes, and enabled over 70% of the world’s mobile operators with their network services.


The client had a specific requirement- they wanted to run their report only once and produce multiple CSV and PDF outputs for their individual users. The file name for each report produced must be the username of the client who had requested the report. Such a feature was not available in the BI platform they use.

Our Solution

  • The client provided BizAcuity with their data source connection and access to their reporting environment.
  • The solution architecture was designed for the missing features.
  • The report was remodeled to present each user data in separate pages.
  • Custom java code was used to access, run and export the report output.The same was done to break up the PDF file into separate files for each individual user.
  • The code simultaneously renames the PDF and CSV pages with the corresponding usernames and saves it in separate folders
  • The custom code was developed in such a way that the report bursting happens only once a day. Any new request for the report on the same day would only return the already executed PDF output.
  • The PDF output of the exported report had a zoom level of exactly 100% for better visibility.
  • An external CSV file download provision was envisioned from the report with the underlying raw data, instead of exporting the report interface. And a few more solutions like back button customizations, custom repository path instead of default path for report scheduler, etc. were recommended to the client.


The custom solution helped the client run a single report with the capacity to produce multiple outputs in the form of CSV and PDF files for their clients.

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